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You Are Under My Control(ler)

The following fanfiction was created for the purposes of entering the dA-Entranced video game contest. Enjoy.

Summary: Amy, Cosmo, and Shade get more than they bargained for when each of them win a free game system online.


Cosmo was pleased when she saw a huge package show up in her front door step. She recently heard about a website that would guarantee you a free game system, just by answering a few questions. She was intrigued as she went to said website, and in a few minutes, she was rewarded by winning one of the latest video game systems for free.

She opened the package to find her prize, a Nintendo Wii, inside, complete with a free game as well. She had gotten a chance to play the Wii before with her boyfriend, Tails. Now she saw this as a chance to have more fun together. She began to open the box as she read the instructions on hooking up the system.


At the same time, Amy received a similar large package in her possession as well. Just like the green plant girl, the pink hedgehog went to the same website, answered some questions, and she too had won the latest gaming for free.

The system she had won, however, was the XBOX 360, which included a free game also. She played the 360 with Sonic before at a game store. She didn't know if he got one himself yet, but she hoped to connect with him a little more through playing these games. She was already pretty good friends with the blue hedgehog, but she still hopes for that day that he has the same feelings for her like she does of him.

While thoughts of her and Sonic danced through her mind once again, she started to open the box as she read the instructions.


Meanwhile, Shade had a delivery of a large package, also. Like Cosmo and Amy, she also participated in that website and had won a game system as well. The terracotta echidna received the third of the latest gaming systems, the PlayStation 3, which included a free game as well.

Unlike the other girls however, she was slightly unfamiliar with the gaming system, as the only time she played it was with her boyfriend, Knuckles, and, needless to say, she was embarrassed. The red echidna had the experience factor and he did not go easy on her one bit. So, once she heard she won the system, she saw this as a chance to practice on her own, so she could get good enough to be real competition for him. They were evenly matched physically, but there was no way she going to let him get in her head like that. They had a competitive relationship, but they still got along... mostly.

Once she finished envisioning herself dominating Knuckles on the virtual battlefield, Shade opened the box and began to read the instructions on hooking up the system.


A few hours later, Cosmo was having fun with her game, which was an exercise-based party game, as she was really working up a sweat, moving the Wiimote and Nunchuck controllers in a rhythm movement pace. She had figured that was enough fun for one day as she quit the game.

She was about to shut off the system, when she heard a faint beeping sound coming from her Wiimote.

"Huh?" She said as she looked at it, "That's strange? Are the batteries low already?"

Cosmo loosened her wristband attachment of the Wiimote as she was about to detach the Nunchuck attachment from it... only to find that she couldn't.

Suddenly, the Nunchuck attachment began to move on its own as it started to swing around her body, surprising her as the band between the controllers seemed to extend like a bungee cord.

"Wha... What's going on?!" She cried out as she let go of the Wiimote controller.

At that moment, the Wiimote controller began to fly as well, as it continued to wrap around her body in the opposite direction of the Nunchuck attachment, until it completely trapped her. Cosmo ended up losing her balance and fell on her couch.

She continued to struggle against the cord with futile results. The Wiimote and Nunchuck were then placed on the plant girl's forehead, causing all of her movements to stop as her eyes were wide open with a blank stare. Soon after, the lights on the bottom of the Wiimote began to blink.

In a few minutes, Cosmo's eyes were surrounded by a light blue glow. "Yes... I must report... to my Master..." She said in a monotone state.

As soon as she said that, the Wiimote and Nunchuck began untie themselves off of Cosmo's body. Her body had remained motionless on the couch, as the Wiimote and Nunchuck began to tie themselves around both of her wrists.

The controllers then began to pull her wrists as she stood up, almost like a rag doll. "I must report... to my Master..." She said again, as the controllers began to pull her out of the house.


Meanwhile, Amy was having fun with her game, which was a racing game. Something she thought Sonic would definitely be into. As she completed another race; this time, making it in 1st place; she decided to quit the game.

However, when she was about to turn off the system, she noticed the lights on the center on the controller changed from a still green quarter-circle on the upper left corner to a flashing red full circle.

"What?" Amy said as she saw the odd pattern on her controller, "Don't tell me there's something wrong with this already..."

All of a sudden, the ring started to glow bright as the green X in the center began to glow as well. Then, the green X shot a beam directly into Amy, connecting right between her eyes. A stunned reaction was on the pink hedgehog's face as her eyes changed from green to red.

Her stunned reaction remained as her hands soon dropped the controller on the carpeted floor and she slouched down on her couch. Seconds later, the 360 controller began to sprout metallic legs, like a spider. It then scurried up Amy's leg.

Her expression remained the same as the 360 controller jumped over her dress and landed on her chest. The controller then spread its legs out and grasped her chest, like one those face huggers from those Aliens movies.

As soon as it seemed to attach itself to her chest, the red ring began to turn bright green again while, at the same time, the green color was returning in Amy's eyes. Her expression then became that of a zoned-out state as a green glow was surrounding her eyes.

"Yes... I must report... to my Master..." She said in a monotone state.

It looked like she was standing up, but in actuality, the 360 controller was dragging her limp body to her feet. Then, Amy began to walk like a marionette.

"I must report... to my Master..." She said again, as she clumsily walked out of her house.


At the same time, Shade was enjoying her game, which was a fighting game. Ironically enough, this was the same game that Knuckles had beaten her in. While she was playing, she already felt herself feeling more confident as she was getting better in the game, learning most of the combos that could be executed in the game.

Once she had gotten another win in her 25th fight, a message on the upper right corner appeared with a blinking battery icon. The message said the she had to charge her DualShock 3 controller with the charge cable.

"Wow..." Shade said, "I must have been on it longer than I thought." She then quit her game in order to find the charge cable. "Charge cable... Now, where did I put that... Oh, here it is." She said when she found it in the system box.

The terracotta echidna attached the charge cable to the controller and was about to grab the other end and plug it in the system when the lights on top of the controller began to flash.

Suddenly, the charge cable began to move on its own and struck its metal tip on her right arm. Shade dropped the controller and held her arm in pain upon contact.

"Ow! What the hell?!" She said as she held on to her arm.

She saw how the charge cable and controller seem to move like a snake with the charge cable moving like its head. The echidna was about to fight, when she realized that she couldn't move her right arm. It seemed to be paralyzed.

That momentarily distraction caused the DualShock 3 and charge cable to move again, with swift agility, approaching her, this time striking at her left leg. Even though she was wearing jeans, she still felt the sting of its strike and its effects were instantaneous as she lost her balance and her she fell on her left knee. The controller and charge cable began slithering up her body, traveling across her white shirt, as Shade still tried to fight it off with her left arm.

The DualShock 3 and charge cable went to her right side of her body, out of her reach, and struck at her black bracelet. When it did, her Nocturnus armor activated as the armor enveloped her body and clothing. Only when it did, the paralyzing effects now spread throughout her whole body as she fell to the floor.

Only her head remained active as she thrashed it around, trying to make some kind of motion happen. The PS3 controller then made its way on top of her forehead, planting itself on top of her black headband.

"Argh! Let... Me... Go!" Shade growled as she tried desperately to throw the controller of her head.

But it was no use. The charge cable soon sank its metal tip, like a snake's fang, into her neck, causing the terracotta echidna's actions to cease. Soon after, the lights on the controller flashed again as Shade's expression had changed to that of a hypnotized look while a black glow was surrounding her eyes.

"Yes... I must report... to my Master..." She said in a monotone state.

The DualShock 3 controller then seemed to pull Shade up to her feet, then, with the charge cable still attached to her neck, proceeded to pull her by her head. The rest of her body followed, almost like the movements of a zombie, as she moved towards her door.

"I must report... to my Master..." She repeated as she exited her house.


A few hours later, Amy, Cosmo, and Shade eventually met up, each girl under the hypnotic trance of their respective game controllers, as they continued to walk through a desert area as the nighttime air surrounded them.

Once they were in a completely deserted area of the desert, they stopped walking. They just stood there as if they were waiting for someone.

"We must report... to our Master..." The 3 girls said simultaneously.

A few seconds after they said that, a large machinery-like base appeared. Clearly the base was hidden by a cloaking mechanism. As soon as the base was in clear view, Amy, Cosmo, and Shade began to move inside it. Immediately as they entered, the base disappeared once more.


The 3 girls had entered the lab, which was scattered with all types of machinery and security monitors. One machine in particular was a large generator-like device, which looked to emit strange infrared signals beaming into the game controllers that has them in the hypnotic state they're in. Amy, Cosmo, and Shade approached an area with a wall of security monitors that played footage of each girl getting captured by their game controllers and a large swivel chair in front of the wall. Their bodies soon stopped at attention.

"We are here... to do your bidding... Master Eggman." They said.

No sooner did they said that, the chair turned around, revealing the large-gutted villain in his usual red and yellow coat attire. He then began to laugh evilly.

"Yes... the test was a complete success!" He proclaimed, "Now I can mass produce these special mind control controllers and place them in the game systems. Soon, the whole world will be under my control! The Eggman Empire shall rule supreme!"

However, as soon as he finished his proclamation, the ceiling crashed open as 3 figures began to drop down from the hole. The evil doctor already knew who those 3 figures might be.

"Ah... Sonic. Your timing is most impeccable." He said, "Though I doubt you or your friends will be able to stop me... now that I have your girlfriends under my power! Muah, Ha, Ha, Ha!"

As the dust cleared, the look of confidence Eggman had on his face changed into fear and confusion. The figures did look like Sonic, Tails, and Knuckles... but it wasn't them.

The creatures before them had metallic-like skin, almost similar to that of Eggman's robotic design. They looked to be a Metal version of Team Sonic, but different from Eggman's original design. They looked more advanced, sleeker, and maybe even more dangerous.

The doctor didn't know what was going on, but he didn't want to know anytime soon.

"Guard robos! Swatbots! Reinforcements! Anyone!" He screamed out, "Get Rid of Them, NOW!!!!"

No sooner did he scream that, a large amount of robots began to surround the metallic hedgehog, fox, and echidna. As Eggman's robots' weapons were about to fire, the strange team began to move swiftly to combat them.

The metallic version of Tails unsheathed a black laser sword and began to cut down the robots with ease. Several robots behind him began to fire their laser blasters at him, but the metal fox saw this and raised its left fist, causing a black shield to appear out of nowhere. After blocking the blasts, he then pointed his sword towards the robots. The sword then turned into a laser blaster as he fired black shots at the robots, destroying them instantly.

The metallic version of Knuckles started annihilating robots left and right with fierce fighting style, almost similar to the original Knuckles. Then he brought his hands together and began to release a huge blue fireball, destroying a whole row of robots. Another robot was about strike from behind, but the metal echidna struck first with a fierce uppercut. As it was delivering the uppercut, flames started to emerge from its fist as the robot was burned from the strike.

The metallic version of Sonic was zooming around the lab, almost with the same speed the original blue hedgehog was known for. As it raced around, it used spinning attacks to smash some of the robots. Several more robots were up ahead blocking his path. The metal hedgehog then jumped as it shoes opened up to reveal rocket launchers as two rockets immediately fired, causing them to strike the robots in a large explosion. Several robots began chasing him but then its hands began to open up. As he did a quick handstand flip, his hands place land mines on the ground, which exploded as soon as the robots touched them.

Eggman was in complete shock as he saw his robots destroyed in an instant.

"How is this possible?!" He screamed out.

"Ah, lighten up, Egghead!" A voice called out from the top of the hole.

The doc recognized the voice as he looked up and saw them. The real Team Sonic. Tails was holding a black Wiimote with a black WiiMotion Plus and black Nunchuck attached to it in his hands, Knuckles was gripping on a black DualShock 3 controller, and Sonic was holding onto a black 360 controller in his hand.

"We're just having some fun..." The blue hedgehog said, and then he turned to his orange two-tailed fox friend, "It's hard to believe you were able to modify these controllers to control those robo-duplicates of ourselves, Tails."

"You think that's something, Sonic, just watch and see what happens when you throw 'em down in a frustrating motion." Tails said.

"Oh... you mean like... This!" The red echidna said, as he threw his controller towards Eggman.

The PS3 controller nailed him in the head. Then the Wiimote hit him in his gut while the Nunchuck struck him in his... eggs. With the evil doctor doubled over in pain, the 360 controller knocked him out as it hit his head.

As they threw them down, the metallic duplicates stopped in front of the generator that was emitting the mind controlling waves. They began to shake violently and soon exploded, destroying the generator in the process. As soon as the generator was destroyed, the controllers that was on the girls' bodies fell off. As their eyes no longer glowed, they soon fainted on the floor.

That explosion caused a chain reaction as the entire base was soon exploding in random areas. Sonic, Tails, and Knuckles soon jumped down in the base and grabbed their controllers.

"Let's grab the girls and get out of here!" Sonic said, as his friends nodded in agreement.

Team Sonic had Amy, Cosmo, and Shade over their shoulders as they bolted for the exit. As Eggman recovered, he saw his base and his plans were, once again, going up in smoke, as he made a hasty run towards his Eggship and began to flee.

As the base began to explode behind them, the guys had laid the rescued girls down on the cool sand. Each girl slowly woke up. Shade was slightly embarrassed that she was easily captured like that. Knuckles would consolidate her, saying that there were moments that Eggman made him look like a fool as well, also saying he understands as he hugged her. Shade smiled as she embraced him back and began to kiss him.

Cosmo embraced her two-tailed boyfriend as she thanked him. Tails was so glad to see his plant girlfriend was okay as he held her in his arms and kissed her.

Meanwhile, Amy woke up to see the smiling face of her hero.

"Sonic? What... what happened?" She asked.

"Well... let's just say someone was playing around with your head." The blue hedgehog said, "Are you okay?"

"Ye... yeah." The pink hedgehog said despondently.

"Hey, don't be sad..." Sonic said, as he picked her head up, "I know what will bring that smile back on your face..."

He soon leaned in and pressed his lips against hers as he kissed her. Amy was in shock as Sonic did this, but she was in no hurry to stop him as she melted in the kiss with him.

A few seconds later, Sonic released the kiss and saw Amy was indeed smiling as she looked at him.

"So... you do love me!" She said in shock.

"Heh, heh... I never said I didn't..." He cleverly said as he embraced her.

"Oh, Sonic! I love you." Amy said.

"I love you, too, Amy." Sonic said.

Afterwards everyone started to head back into the city.

"So, who's up for a game when we get back?" Sonic said.

"Uh, no offense, Sonic..." Amy said, "But, I think I've had enough video games for one day."

"Me too..." Cosmo said.

"I'm going to have to decline as well..." Shade added.

"Relax... it's just a board game." Sonic said causing his friends to laugh out loud.


Basically the moral of the story here is never trust internet sites that say they guarantee you free systems. :D

The End

Well, this is my entry for dA-Entranced's video game contest. Ironically, it asked for hypnosis through the use of gaming peripherals. I figured game controllers hypnotizing the game characters.

I had an unique approach for this, each one of the controllers moved like a specific animal: The Wiimote and Nunchuck: A Boa Constricter. The PS3 DualShock 3: A Viper. The 360 Controller: A Tarantula.

I also thought it was clever to use the game controllers to control the Team Sonic robots. Think of their version like that special Metallic cheat code in Sonic Heroes.

Of course, I had to use the Sonic series for this. :D And I'd like to go for the happy ending scenario. I hope you enjoyed the fanfic. I hope I win it.

EDIT: I won! This fanfic has officially won first prize in :iconda-entranced:#DA-Entranced's Video Game Contest. Yay! :D
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thevisualboy37 Featured By Owner Mar 30, 2013
I love it! Especially the "hit him in the eggs" joke. I cracked up at that.
Keep up the good work!
rose556 Featured By Owner Dec 20, 2011
OK you did well and deserves 1st this story is the 2nd best Sonamy story i ever heard but the 1st best story that's entering this competition.
godzillahomer Featured By Owner Feb 21, 2011
wow, this really deserved first place, it has a great fight scene
FallenAngelCam7 Featured By Owner Feb 22, 2011
Heh, heh, thanks. :D

godzillahomer Featured By Owner Feb 22, 2011
your welcome
jmansword Featured By Owner Jul 22, 2010
that was good the one controlling them was obvious thought next time try using metal sonic or even black doom anyone but that moron eggman
Ogodei-Khan Featured By Owner Jul 15, 2010
That wasn't a cheat code, was it? I thought the metallic sheen was a reward for getting all medals (including all A rank). Equivalent to the Green Hill Zone reward in Sonic Adventure 2
FallenAngelCam7 Featured By Owner Jul 15, 2010
Actually it is. A cheat code activated only during the 2-player battles. Getting all A Rank will probably just get you a Super Hard Difficulty or something.

ToaArcan Featured By Owner Dec 2, 2010  Hobbyist Writer
Your actually 100% correct. The prize IS super hard mode. Kind of alet down after SA2B's Green Hill, and SADX Metal Sonic.

Th best thing you can do in Sonic Heroes exists on the PC version. Hacking allows you to swap around the Characters on teams. The thing is, it doesn't just include Teams Sonic, Dark, Chaotix, and Rose, but Super Sonic, Super Tails, and Super Knuckles as well.
HanMolo05 Featured By Owner Jul 15, 2010  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
AwesomeNESS!!!! :la:
HanMolo05 Featured By Owner Jul 15, 2010  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
AwesomeNESS!!!! :la:
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