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Amy's Hypnotized Victims

Chapter 1/Pic 1 - Bunnie

Amy Rose sighed with a slight disappointment in the tone of her sigh. She loved Sonic the Hedgehog so much. Lord knows, she tried practically everything to get his attention. Alas, it was all for naught. While their friendship has been established, Amy always wanted more from him. To have him have the same amount of loving feelings for her as she did of him.

Today found Amy, dressed in her red dress/skirt, red headband, white gloves, gold wristbands, and red boots, in a local library trying to look for any type of love advice book to see if there was anything she could do to woo her hero over. As she looked across shelf after shelf, she came across a book that caught her eye. A book entitled "A Guide to Learning the Basics and Advances of Hypnosis." She decided to take a look through the book, just for kicks at first. However as she flipped through the pages of the book, she wanted to study more upon it; the different types of tools used for bringing someone into a hypnotic state, specific phrases to be uttered once said subject is under thrall, variable conditions of relaxation to make the hypnotic spells easier to execute. Damn near everything.

As she read it, she first thought of using it on Sonic, but her heart couldn't let her manipulate his feelings. If they weren't true to life, they may not as well happen at all. That's when a new plan came to her: Amy always had to get Sonic's attention in order to compete against all the other girls in his life. So, why not just get rid of the competition and have him all to herself...

'I'll just hypnotize them so that they won't fall in love with Sonic...' She thought, 'Matter of fact, I'll make it so that they don't have anything to do with loving men. Sonic can't have a relationship with someone who's a lesbian.'

For the next few days, she kept going back to the library, continuously studying up on the art of hypnosis. She now understood the concepts of hypnosis, but she still needed a test subject to see if her skills were at the level she wanted them to be. Fortune would smile upon her as the following day, as she continued to study from the book, she saw one of Sonic's old friends, Bunnie Rabbot passing through, looking at random books.

Amy had remembered Bunnie as one of Sonic's friends that fought against Robotnik/Eggman in a group known as the Freedom Fighters, but after a few years since the villain's been M.I.A. the group had split up, going their separate ways.

The pink hedgehog felt perfect serendipitous opportunity arriving here. While the female rabbit wasn't as close with Sonic as Amy had figured some of the other girls were with him, she figured Bunnie would be the ideal test subject to try her new abilities on. With that in mind, she slowly closed the book and put it away so she can put her plan into motion.

As Amy approached her, she noticed Bunnie was busy reading one of her random books. Wearing a pink tube top which extended down to look like a shirt and dark grey shorts, she still had her unique qualities; her left arm and both of her legs being part bionic. An incident that started when she was almost captured and transformed by the evil doctor. While Sonic was able to stop him, the results were as is. However, even though the mad scientist is long since defeated, she never wanted her original limbs returned. She felt that this was who she is now and she was fine with it.

"Hello there, Bunnie." Amy called out, getting the auburn rabbit's attention.

"Amy? Oh my stars, how are ya, girl." Bunnie said in her southern accent.

"I've been okay." The pink hedgehog replied, "It's been so long since I last saw you. What have you been up to?"

"Well, not much." She said, "Ever since the split-up with the squad, I've been stuck doin' next to nothin' 'round here. But I've been able to make do. You'd be surprised at how many odd jobs one can get when ya have somethin' like this on yer body." She lifted up her metallic left arm, showing off a bit. "By the way, how's Sonic these days? It's been a while since I seen ol' suga-hog."

Amy smiled, rather insincerely, at Bunnie's somewhat pet nickname for Sonic. "Well, he's okay. Still on the run as usual. If I ever get the chance to stop him for a conversation, I'll let him know I saw you." She said.

"You do that." Bunnie replied.

"Say, I'm just wondering, do you still keep in contact with any of the old Freedom Fighters?" Amy asked, hoping to get the answer she was looking for.

"Well, not really." Bunnie answered, "But, I do still talk with Sally from time to time. I'll let her know I ran into ya."

'Bingo...' The pink hedgehog thought as she decided to go to the next phase of her plan.

"Hey, Bunnie, do you mind if I ask for your help with something?" Amy asked.

"Sure 'nough. What ya need, Amy?" Bunnie asked, full of interest.

"Well, I've been studying up on something and... well... could you come over to my house, so I can explain it better?" The hedgehog asked.

"No prob. I've got nothin' else goin', so I'll come wit ya right now." The rabbit responded.

"Thank you, Bunnie." Amy said, as Bunnie went to put the books back, "I really appreciate the help."

After they left the library, they soon made their way back into Amy's house. When Amy finished showing Bunnie around the house, she brought her up to her room to show her around and put her plan into action. As Amy looked in her drawer for a certain item, Bunnie looked on the dresser and saw several pictures of her friends, most of them featuring the blue hedgehog. She picked up one of the pictures with her right hand.

"Ah... I see you're still obsessin' over Sonic, are ya?" The yellow rabbit playfully asked, which Amy decided to ignore as she continued to look for the item in question, "Can't say that I blame ya, hun. There's just somethin' 'bout him. And it's not just you that sees that either."

'Not yet, anyway...' The pink hedgehog thought as she looked in another drawer, 'I know I put it around here somewhere...'

"Yeah, most of the times talkin' wit Sal, she'd bring up on how sweet he is and all." Bunnie continued, not noticing Amy's actions, "Of course, if you or Sally weren't interested... shoot... maybe I might've had a shot with ol' suga-hog."

That last comment really got on Amy's nerves. Soon though, she had found the item she was looking for; a gold watch. A gift that was given to her on her birthday.

"But thankfully, I ain't that kind of girl." Bunnie said, as she put the picture back up on the dresser, then turned back to Amy, "So what do ya need my help for, anyway?"

The pink hedgehog immediately calmed down to keep the ruse going as she turned back around towards the rabbit.

"Well... I know you're gonna think this is kind of silly, but... lately I've been studying up on the art of hypnosis." She said.

"Hypnosis?!" Bunnie asked, almost bursting out with laughter, "What ya plannin' on doin'? Hypnotizin' Sonic to take ya out on a date?"

"No!" Amy immediately responded defensively, but decided to switch it up to keep suspicion from arising, "Maybe... But that's not the point. I wanted to get a chance to try what I've learned on someone and... well..."

"Ya want me to be your test subject, right?" Bunnie sarcastically asked, finishing her sentence.

"Please? I'd ask Tails, but then I think he'll just laugh and mess with me by pretending to be hypnotized. And for all I know, he'll probably tell Sonic." Amy fibbed.

"Well... okay..." The rabbit agreed, "But ya ain't gonna make me do anything crazy while I'm under, right?"

"You can trust me, Bunnie." The hedgehog said, "I wouldn't do anything to make you feel uncomfortable." She almost chuckled at that remark.

"All right." Bunnie said, still a tad uneasy about this, "So what do I gotta do?"

"First..." Amy said, as she stood behind her, "I want you to just relax. Breathe easy and just focus on my voice."

"Uh... Amy?..." Bunnie started to say, as she was about to turn her head towards her.

"No, no, no... Just keep your head straight and your eyes forward. Listen to what I say and relax." Amy said, making sure Bunnie's head did not move from that spot.

She then took her right arm around the rabbit's body and held up the gold watch in front of her. As it dangled and glistened in front of her eyes as it slowly spun, Amy took her left hand and gently massaged her left shoulder blade, the point in between her neck and her metal arm, as she continued to speak softly and slowly towards her.

"Now... do you see the watch in front of you? Do you see how much it glitters and shines? How it slowly spins? I wonder how long you can keep your attention on the watch... Try to maintain all your focus on the spinning watch, Bunnie. All while my voice tickles your ears. All while my hand gives you a gentle massage. Just focus on the shine and the spin of the watch... as you slip more and more into deep relaxed state... Let my voice wash away the stress... Allow my actions to sooth away the worries... All you can feel is relaxed content... Yes... you're starting to feel very relaxed, aren't you Bunnie?... So relaxed... that you feel that you can't keep your eyes open any longer, can you?... Oh, but you have to try..." Amy continued in a very enticing soothing tone.

As Bunnie continued to stare at the spinning gold watch, with her eyelids now half closed, her metal legs began to shake. For the first time in her life with those metal limbs of hers, she felt as though her legs were about to give out on her. Without even realizing it, she slowly started to sink down until her knees were on the floor. Even in a kneeling position, Bunnie kept her head up, still content on looking at the gold watch Amy dangled before her. A few seconds after she kneeled down, Amy lowered her right hand, making sure the watch was back at Bunnie's eye level as she let her head droop back to its original position.

"Oh... You must be feeling so tired now, Bunnie..." Amy continued in her soothing tone, "But the watch is so pretty, you just simply can't take your eyes off of it, can you?... Its shine... its motion... in addition to my voice and my actions, you feel so relaxed, and yet... you want that feeling to continue... to stay within you... no matter what, right?"

"Yes... I... do..." Bunnie made out with a dazed look on her face, still focusing on the watch.

"Well, then..." Amy said, "Now is that time. Let the images of that watch fill your mind... as you continue to allow my voice to bring you into relaxation. As soon as I say the number 1 when I count down from 5, you will go into a deep sleep, but your mind will be open to my voice and you will listen to and respond to anything I say. Do you understand?"

"I... under... stand..." Bunnie said slowly.

"Good..." Amy said, as she started the countdown, "5... ... ... 4... ... ... 3... ... ... 2... ... ..." She then moved her face closer to her large ear and softly whispered, "1..."

As soon as she finished, Bunnie's eyes closed completely and her head slumped down as she entered a hypnotic sleep, now completely open to Amy's commands.

As the pink hedgehog stepped away from the sleeping kneeling rabbit, she put the gold watch in her dress pocket and slowly stepped in front of her, now sporting a sinister-like smile on her face.

'Yes! It worked!' She thought, 'So, you think you would have had a shot at Sonic, huh? Well, I'll change that line of thought for you...'

"Bunnie, can you hear me..." Amy said.

"Yes..." Bunnie responded in a dull tone.

"You are now deeply hypnotized and will follow all of my instructions, understand?" The hedgehog said, already knowing what the response will be.

"Deeply hypnotized... Follow your instructions..." The auburn rabbit repeated, "I understand... Mistress..."

The "Mistress" line surprised Amy momentarily. 'Hmm... Mistress... I think I could get used to that...' She thought.

"Now then, Bunnie..." She continued, "From now on, you will have no interest in a loving relationship with Sonic, except a platonic friendship."

"No interest... lovin' Sonic..." The mesmerized rabbit repeated.

"In fact, you will have no interest in a love relationship with any man." Amy added, "You will be a lesbian, only focused on loving all girls you come in contact with."

"No love... for men..." Bunnie droned on, "Become a lesbian... Love all girls..."

"Very good... Now to see if those 2 weeks of reading that book paid off..." She said, as she went in for the finishing touch, "Now when I say the words 'Wake up, Bunnie,' you will awaken from your trance completely forgetting everything but the orders I gave you and you will recognize me as your Mistress. And when I say the words 'Time to sleep, Bunnie,' you will fall back into your relaxing trance. Repeat your latest instructions, now."

"I will wake... when ya say 'Wake up, Bunnie'... I will return... to my relaxing trance... when ya say 'Time to sleep, Bunnie'... I will remember my orders... and see ya as my Mistress... no matter what..." Bunnie said, still motionless and eyes closed.

"Good girl..." Amy said, "Now then, it's time... to wake up, Bunnie."

As soon as the pink hedgehog said it, the rabbit slowly opened her eyes and shook her head awake.

"Oh... my goodness..." Bunnie said, as she slowly blinked her eyes opened, "What just happened?... My head feels so funny..." She then looked up at Amy who was standing in front of her with her arms crossed.

"So, how are ya feelin', Bunnie?" Amy playfully asked.

"Huh..." As soon as she looked in her eyes, an overwhelming sensation of pleasure flowed through her body. "Oh... Amy..." Bunnie started to say, then quickly corrected herself, "I'm sorry... I mean, my Mistress."

This caused Amy to smile.

"My Mistress, what can I do to please ya?" The rabbit asked as she stayed in her kneeling position.

The pink hedgehog walked closer toward Bunnie and gently caressed her fuzzy muzzle with her hand. "Well... for starters, I want you to help me with a few... projects. I plan on adding more slaves to join you. You can have fun with them if you want..." She said, now beaming with a new confidence as her scheme was going wonderful as planned.

"Anything for you, my Mistress. I love ya so much." Bunnie said, deep lust within her voice.

"Well, prove it to me, my little slave Bunnie." Amy said, "Get down here and start kissing my boots."

"As ya wish, my Mistress suga-hog..." Bunnie said, as she sank to the floor and immediately began placing her lips on Amy's red boots and kissed and licked them in the process.

This was how Amy's plan would go; make each girl a lesbian, focusing only on loving all girls. What made it all sweeter is that while her new slave and growing number of slaves soon to come will show and express their love for her, they will get nothing back. For all the love the pink hedgehog will give it to will be the one she wants all along, Sonic the Hedgehog.

Amy smiled as she felt confident that this plan will have her with the blue hedgehog... at long last.

The pic I commissioned was created by ChaosCroc. [link]

The fanfiction was all my idea.

Expect this to continue as soon as Croc adds in more of my commissioned pics.

Comments are welcome.

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Aregularman1 Featured By Owner Mar 31, 2014  Student General Artist
If you focused more on the hypnosis, you'd REALLY do better in my book.
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that of make them lesbians is unfair,it wiil be ok if he said them to not love sonic,but that too,is horrible,it's evil
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and that make her a bit evil
alexwarlorn Featured By Owner Aug 23, 2010
I love hypno as much as the next Mental TF addict, but Bunnie in the comics is now married to Antione... what Amy just did was cruel.
FallenAngelCam7 Featured By Owner Aug 23, 2010


Okay... for the record, I had no idea. As I said before, I have very little knowledge on the comic series, I was just going by what I (vaguely) know from the old days.

It was just recently that the comic series was brought to my attention.

So... my bad. :doh:

narutokurogane2013 Featured By Owner Apr 30, 2014  Student Writer
yeah bro,that was very cruel
chainedknee Featured By Owner Aug 23, 2010
Wow great work and great pictures!

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FallenAngelCam7 Featured By Owner Aug 23, 2010
I'm glad you like them. Though the pics are commissioned ones (by me.), but still...

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chainedknee Featured By Owner Aug 23, 2010
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FallenAngelCam7 Featured By Owner Aug 23, 2010
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kimmy1235 Featured By Owner Apr 6, 2010
Awesome, but with Amy making all the girls into lesbians it's going to cause a massive drop in population on Mobius.
FallenAngelCam7 Featured By Owner Apr 6, 2010
She's not gonna make ALL the girls lesbians.

Just the girls she feel are... let's say... too close to Sonic. So... certain obvious choices are in mind for future stories.

Including a certain princess... uh... hmm... :? What is she again? A squirrel? A chipmunk? Argh... Well, you get what I mean...

kimmy1235 Featured By Owner Apr 6, 2010
Hehe, still. And I think she is a ground squirrel, at least that is what I am lead to believe. Beside, isn't every girl who ever laid eyes on Sonic in love with him. It must bethe wind swept look his quills make when he runs.
FallenAngelCam7 Featured By Owner Apr 6, 2010
Really? I thought she was a chipmunk... oh, well.

As far as the ladies go, I can think of 3 or 4 females in Sonic's life that might have some sort of relationship like connection, with the exception of a certain bat because, let's face it, she's been basically known as the tease in the Sonic-verse.

kimmy1235 Featured By Owner Apr 6, 2010
Well let's see. There is Amy, Sally, Bunnie, Mina and Blaze if you count her. She had a pseudo crush on him after a while.
FallenAngelCam7 Featured By Owner Apr 6, 2010
Heh, heh, heh... :greetings: You just basically decribed the whole list, save for two...

one, Rouge, as I said, is a tease, and... well... she tried to put the moves on the wrong hedgehog. (Spotted her flirting with him in Sonic Chronicles for the DS) So, she's next... (Next chapter/ChaosCroc commissioned pic)

The other... well... I have to keep at least one surprise to myself... :plotting:

kimmy1235 Featured By Owner Apr 7, 2010
You don't have to say yes or no but my guess is Fiona. She was very close to Sonic for a long time. It even made Tails come to blows with the hedgehog.
FallenAngelCam7 Featured By Owner Apr 7, 2010
Really?! Now, that I did not know.

I'm not that into the comics version as I am the games and anime.

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